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Mini System
A mini system is ideal for passive listeners who would like an easy, inexpensive solution to their music needs. Mini systems offer radio, CD, cassette and speakers in a compact, easy to use and affordable package. Their disadvantages are they are not expandable. You cannot add additional speakers for separate rooms or upgrade to surround sound. If a part of the system gets old, it cannot be replaced without starting from scratch again.

A receiver system with your choice of CD player, cassette deck, power, speakers, etc. allows you to customize the system for your needs. It is expandable, offers multiple speaker connections, and is just as easy to use as a mini system. If you choose one brand for the audio components, a single remote is all that is necessary to operate the entire system; many remotes will even operate other brands.

Separates divide the receiver into it's 3 components; a tuner, preamp (the control section) and an amplifier. The reason active listeners and music lovers put up with the extra components is for the realism of the sound they can reproduce. Most people have never had the opportunity to experience how well an audio system can recreate a live performance. The separation of the components and the attention to detail are more apparent in separate audio components. The product is designed to reproduce music as close to the original performance as possible.