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 Nas Drive Personal Cloud

A personal cloud is essentially your very own cloud storage. Unlike public clouds, a personal cloud allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home network so you can share files, stream media, and access your content anywhere.

You can create your own personal cloud by either using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or by subscribing to an online cloud storage service. There are several advantages of using a NAS as your personal cloud. For example, there are no monthly fees or increasing costs as your data needs grow. Also, you know exactly where your data is and who has access to it in your personal cloud.

Here at Robert's AV we can help you set up your own personal music server that will play  back your music files, be they MP3, CD rips or even the newer Higher Bit Rate DSD type files. A golden age of digital clarity and warmth is upon us. Let us assist you in creating a personal music system that fills your desires and budget.


CD players
They all sound the same right? Wrong! They used to because all the parts inside came from the same supplier, but today there are many different converters, transports and designs available. The passive listener will choose a multi-disc for convenience, the music lover a single for detail and an active listener will generally compromise somewhere in the middle. The specifications won't tell you which one is better, you must listen and judge for yourself.

No they are not antiques yet. They can actually sound more natural than CD players if you are willing to deal with setting them up, cleaning the records and stylus and flipping the record over. Many people have given up on records because CDs are much more convenient, not necessarily because they sound better.

Cassette Decks
Mostly used today for making tapes for the car or portables. They are going the way of turntables. People buy one because they still have tapes they would like to play. Often chosen to match the receiver for remote convenience and cosmetics, high quality decks are still available for those who like to compile favorite songs.

Digital Versatile Disc - Designed for one standard for audio, video, and CD-Rom. These discs provide the best possible playback of both audio and video since they are digitally recorded, unlike laserdisc which uses analog video. One of the biggest advantages of DVD is most are recorded with the new Dolby Digital surround format for full range rear channels and discrete 5.1 channel surround.

Digital Hard Drives are getting very common. The iPod has changed the way many people listen to music. It very portable and takes up almost no space in a pocket. Now if only there was a way to access all that music from the iPod or from the computer at home that stored all that music. Well check out the new ICS system from Niles Audio and the Sonos systems under "What's New". See what you can hear now in your home.