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Wires & Surge Protection

Wires and Cables
Often the weakest link in a system. The cables that are included by the manufacturer are there only because they are supposed to be. The cables that connect your CD player to your receiver and your receiver to your speakers are just as important as why you chose the components in the first place. Imagine a fireman using a garden hose to put out a fire? If you restrict the flow of music with lousy cables, the music won't get through. Ask a salesman to lend you a set or two and try them for yourself in your own system.

Surge Protection
You have one on your computer now don't you? Why, because you want to protect the microprocessors in your computer. Well there aren't too many electronic items built without microchips anymore. Your TV, stereo, microwave, answering machine are all just as easily damaged as your computer.

Don't forget to protect yourself from the telephone and cable lines too. More damage is possible from these because there is no large power transformer before the delicate circuits. Make sure you get a protector with a guarantee that will pay to fix your equipment if it gets damaged, no sense buying a strip that won't work. Check yours now; does it have a UL1449 surge suppression rating? Not just UL rated, check for the 1449. If not, it is probably nothing more than an extension cord. Don't get burned by cheap strips, they just don't work.