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Home Theater: TV Options

TV Options

The Great Big TV
Although a home theater can be enjoyed on any TV, it's a lot more fun on a large screen. This can be a 32" 40" 46" 55" 60" 65" and 70" Flat panel in Plasma or LED/LCD. For a movie theater at home, try a 100" or larger two-piece projector! Stop by the store and see our selection of great big TVs.

These are those great big flat sets that are all the rage right now. The chief advantage to the plasma set is that it can be hung on the wall, taking up less space than a rear projection television of similar size. Also, all your friends will be jealous and think you're really cool. Plasma sets range in size from 50" to 60" for home use, allowing for a larger picture than traditional tube sets.

A big screen for a low price! All LED TVs use a LCD panel for display. The LED is the system that is used for lighting the panel. The original LCD TVs used a center white light with red, green, and blue filters to generate the colors. The better LED sets today use a red, green, and blue LED lights on the edge of the TV. The benefits are the sets can be made thinner and they are very energy efficient. They are also the most popular sets on the market today. The better higher quality LED sets use distributed LEDs that allow more control over a wider range of the panel instead of clustering them on the side.

Front Projection
This setup is similar to the style of an actual movie theater; a projection is shot on a separate screen, which can be wall mounted or retractable.