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What's New: Sony HAP S1 and HAP Z1ES Digital Music Player Systems

Sony HAP S1 and HAP Z1ES Digital Music Player Systems

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Sony brings the ability to easily play and organize your digital audio files in one box, a remote control and a great App for your tablet/pad device. The ability to store and stream the higher bit-rate digital files such as DSD has never been easier. The Sony HAP also improves the sound of lower bit -rate files via its first rate software.

 From Sound and Vision: "The Sony HAP-S1 is a promising start to the company’s HRA ( High Resolution Audio ) initiative. As a player, it does a superb job, with an interface that makes accessing music not only easy but fun. That’s one of the things a big company like Sony can bring to the table: showmanship. And the DAC is first-rate.

  A 40 watt per channel stereo amplifier with volume control completes this potential stand-alone piece. OR, do as we have at Roberts, use the Sony HAP S1 as a great digital playback device in your preexisting stereo.


Hi-Res Music Playback500GB Hard Drive for music playback Analog FIR Filters Digital Sound Enhancement Engine WiFi Built-in“HDD Audio Remote” for iOS and Android phones and Tablets Expandable storage via USB Music transfer software Large Power Source Block Capacitor Left-right separated, large bandwidth power amp High-Rigidity Chassis structure:One-point ground structure Power Source Transformer        
  • Weights and Measurements

    • Dimensions (Approx.) : Receiver: 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 12 in (265 x 88 x 304 mm)
    • Weight (Approx.) : Receiver: 12 lbs 5/8 oz (5.8 kg)