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Does anyone care if it sounds good anymore?

One of the most important questions when shopping for a stereo system is determining what type of a listener you are. Passive listeners like to have music on while they are reading or doing housework. The volume is generally low and they like to have the music come from everywhere. Active listeners will generally sit down and do nothing else but listen to the music. They try to understand the musician’s motivation and will turn the volume higher towards live levels. The music lovers are similar to active listeners but are emotionally moved by the words and music. Music lovers are those who would drive hours, if they had to, to hear a favorite artist and really appreciate the devotion of the musicians and composers.

  • Wires & Surge Protection

    Protect yourself and your computer. Read these safety tips about using the right wiring and surge protectors.

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  • Speakers

    We offer a wide range of speakers including towers, bookshelves and subwoofers. Read on about these speaker types.

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  • Sources

    Choose from CD players to turntables to cassette decks. Learn about DVDs and the technology available at Roberts.

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  • Systems

    We have many options for the ideal system including mini systems, receivers and separates. Read about all three to find the perfect choice for your needs.

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